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11 March 2016

Electra Business Breakfast Announces New Contractor

Electra is delighted to announce that from 1 April 2016 Kapiti Business Projects will take the helm to deliver the Electra Business Breakfast (EBB) in Kapiti on behalf of Electra.  “Owner of Kapiti Business Projects, Helene Judge is well known to many local business and community leaders, so having her on our team can only but strengthen the delivery of business breakfasts in Kapiti,” says Neil Simmonds, Electra CEO.

Neil goes on to say that “Electra pays tribute to the Kapiti Company who has admirably run the EBB in Kapiti on behalf of Electra for the last four years.  Kellie Brown of the Kapiti Company agrees that “EBB is an important and valuable local business networking opportunity that is a ‘must attend’ event to keep up to date with local news, views and learning.  The speaking programme has always focused on matters of local and regional importance that relates to local economic development, business and professional development.”

When the Kapiti Company signaled it would not be renewing its contract with Electra, a decision was made to work with Kapiti Business Projects.  Kapiti Business Projects will be continuing the good work of the Kapiti Company with some enhancements to give EBB a web presence and all bookings being handled online using the cloud based system, Eventbrite.  “I am super excited that my business was chosen by Electra to be part of an established business networking programme in Kapiti.  I am looking forward to delivering interesting and relevant speakers so the Kapiti community can be informed and take on-board the learnings shared.”

The EBB runs every month of the year except in January and on the first Wednesday of each month.  You may ask why Electra does this – Electra has been the long term sponsor of the business breakfasts as it recognises that successful businesses are key to successful local communities.

Providing local business people an opportunity to network and to be stimulated and informed by a wide variety of speakers including business icons, economists, politicians, educators and social service providers to name a few is something that Electra is pleased to be able to make happen on a regular basis in Kapiti.

The EBB compliments Electra’s sponsorship of the Electra Business Awards, and helps to support other local business development initiatives and work by Kapiti Coast District Council, the Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce and others in the community.

To subscribe to receive breakfast invitations or post on the speaker idea log, go to the Kapiti Business Projects web site

On Wednesday 6 April the speaker will be Laurel McLay.  She will speak on Revenue Generation – More walk, less talk, more heart, less hype and more care, less crap!.  This session will be a real mix of selling as a business owner and crafting your own revenue generation campaign.  This is a must attend for SMEs, larger businesses and their teams.

Laurel is a thought leader renowned for her breakthrough work in helping people who work in professional services with their revenue generation strategies based on their own sales style, personality, expertise, industry and chosen market.

Laurel McLay

For further information, contact:

Neil Simmonds, Electra, 0800 353 2872,

Helene Judge, Kapiti Business Projects, 027 244 9585 or contact Helene

Electra Business Breakfast Announces New Contractor

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