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Welcome to my website, Helene Judge, Owner of Kapiti Business Projects. I will provide straight forward business development solutions to help fix or expand your business so you can drive your business forward positively.

Kapiti Business Projects provides an affordable and mobile business development manager or contractor for a set time to work on projects that often a business owner wants to achieve yet cannot afford to 'put the tools down' to do. I operate as a contractor to actually ‘do what is needed’ from my office, not yours. It is simply about working at a practical and down to earth level, scoping what is needed and then following through to an agreed conclusion.

Kapiti Business Projects is not a business coach or mentor, more someone that can offer practical advice and solutions that are inspired to improve operational and client initiatives within your business, including the bottom line. However, from my experience the one-on-one discussions that occur throughout a project with a business owner are often perceived as value in itself and can motivate and support the follow through of action taking place.

I will listen and provide straight forward solutions and action that will help fix a problem or initiate growth within your business. My style is honest, positive, project and client focused. I will not let you down and value the art of ‘following through on what I say I am going to do’.

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