Kapiti Business Projects was formed back in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength since then. Fundamentally, contracting Kapiti Business Projects means that you get access to Helene Judge, her experience, her strength around ‘focusing on people and results’ and her connections.

Kapiti Business Projects can:

Design, edit and train using cloud marketing campaign platform MailChimp
Help create a web site (site map, content, connecting Google Analytics and your social media)
Create tactical marketing action plans and practical help to implement your tactics
Develop a business plan, review your business processes and suggest improvements
Conduct a business sustainability audit based on the Rata Certification Programme
Develop sponsorship proposals or funding applications
Work with you to develop new products and services
Help get your media and news distributed
Oversee client event management
Develop and analyse new budgets
Develop business proposals
Develop a client database
Conduct a client survey


Helene is a member of the Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce. In addition, she contracts her services to the Kapiti Chamber Board to oversee their event programme that aligns with their strategic goals. My Kapiti Chamber profile can be viewed here.

To join the Kapiti Chamber, it can be easily done online – go now

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